Friday, May 20, 2011

When all else fails, CRY FOR HELP!!!

Like Dorthy in the land of Oz...
on my journey along the yellow brink road, I continue to be surprised around each corner.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome to the CortiZONE!!!

I have joined the club!

Well I am back... Not to sure where I left off but let me get all caught up. I continued to try to regain my strength, confidence and my motivation. I choose to resume my BodyRock workouts... While at the gym I spotted a doctor, an orthopedic surgeon I know and trust... I did something I typically would chastise anyone else for doing but I was hoping to gain professional reassurance that my denial was fine and what safer place then away from a doctor's office???

I approached Dr. Banner as he rode the stationary bike. After a quick explanation of my shoulder stuff, he quickly said, "give me 2 minutes to finish up". Dr. Banner gave me a complete and thorough shoulder exam right then and there. His professional opinion said those magic words, I don't think anything is torn!!! Woop Woop!!! He confirmed working out was good and a couple moves to avoid but encouraged an x-ray because he suspected calcium deposits or bursitis. The un-official diagnosis was like a magic wand. I have been back in the groove...

I did follow Dr.'s orders and set up an appointment with the trusty Doc. More exams, x-rays and conversation lead Dr. Banner to the diagnosis of bursitis (swelling of the lubricating gland), so the inflammation causing limited range of motion because I don't have the room to move around and the pain is from my humorous hitting my clavicle. So the Rx is cortisone! I took that shot like a champ, except that I was so tense looking away my neck hurt later that night. Any who I asked a lot of questions and followed up with internet research. I feel good but not over doing it to avoid further injury and I am doing the rehab exercises Rx as well, for teeny tiny, weightless moves they kick my shoulders butts!

Kenny was very excited for me that I would now be able to throw a 96 mile an hour softball... I had to remind him I am left handed(like him) and it was my right shoulder. He always tries to find the silver lining!

Thanks Dr. Banner! Mostly for the Peace of Mind, 2nd for the "good stuff"!