Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Berkeley Humane Society: After BEBHS: Cruzer

Berkeley Humane Society: After BEBHS: Cruzer: A note from Cruzer's family: We adopted "Scotty" on May 6th and he was everything I never wanted... I was anti boy dogs, anything t...

Friday, May 20, 2011

When all else fails, CRY FOR HELP!!!

Like Dorthy in the land of Oz...
on my journey along the yellow brink road, I continue to be surprised around each corner.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome to the CortiZONE!!!

I have joined the club!

Well I am back... Not to sure where I left off but let me get all caught up. I continued to try to regain my strength, confidence and my motivation. I choose to resume my BodyRock workouts... While at the gym I spotted a doctor, an orthopedic surgeon I know and trust... I did something I typically would chastise anyone else for doing but I was hoping to gain professional reassurance that my denial was fine and what safer place then away from a doctor's office???

I approached Dr. Banner as he rode the stationary bike. After a quick explanation of my shoulder stuff, he quickly said, "give me 2 minutes to finish up". Dr. Banner gave me a complete and thorough shoulder exam right then and there. His professional opinion said those magic words, I don't think anything is torn!!! Woop Woop!!! He confirmed working out was good and a couple moves to avoid but encouraged an x-ray because he suspected calcium deposits or bursitis. The un-official diagnosis was like a magic wand. I have been back in the groove...

I did follow Dr.'s orders and set up an appointment with the trusty Doc. More exams, x-rays and conversation lead Dr. Banner to the diagnosis of bursitis (swelling of the lubricating gland), so the inflammation causing limited range of motion because I don't have the room to move around and the pain is from my humorous hitting my clavicle. So the Rx is cortisone! I took that shot like a champ, except that I was so tense looking away my neck hurt later that night. Any who I asked a lot of questions and followed up with internet research. I feel good but not over doing it to avoid further injury and I am doing the rehab exercises Rx as well, for teeny tiny, weightless moves they kick my shoulders butts!

Kenny was very excited for me that I would now be able to throw a 96 mile an hour softball... I had to remind him I am left handed(like him) and it was my right shoulder. He always tries to find the silver lining!

Thanks Dr. Banner! Mostly for the Peace of Mind, 2nd for the "good stuff"!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

They're Back...

That's right my strength and definition in my arms are back, well getting there!
They became a great motivation, as I started working on my fitness my arms were the first to respond to my efforts. It was fun to watch them grow and take shape but then after my 2 week break from my shoulder "thing" they deflated and so did my attitude (see previous post). After a solid week back in the gym and revisiting some of the first Body Rock workouts that started this love affair I feel rejuvenated and my arms responded to the efforts. I am again sore and proud!

The next session of Pilates started again and I am excited. It is a honest gauge to not just my fitness but what is going on that day. It is so interesting how the poses at every level test your strength and endurance but a pose that your felt sturdy in last week at the highest level, becomes a physical challenge at level one the next week. Once a week for an hour I get to have a silent conversation with my body and it lets me know what it needs. If you have never taken a Pilates class I encourage you to add some into you routine but find a teacher that comes with good word of mouth or it won't be as valuable.

ALSO I have decided to stop right there because the past two weeks have been good and I don't want to spend anymore time focusing on the mishaps, misfortunes or stressors!


*Sorry I have no new photos, I have misplaced or lost my camera*


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mind Games... Wanna join?


Please pardon my absence. In the past 3 weeks I have experienced so many emotions, events, changes, ups, downs, highs and lows. If I had been keeping up on my postings you probably could have diagnosed me with multiple personality disorder. So now that I have giving you fair warning here we go...

Let's start with the downs, lows, angry, sad, etc...
First: An issue I have had with my shoulder was finally looked at. I was "unofficially" diagnosed with a partial dislocation that is developing into frozen shoulder. And 2 weeks into therapeutic treatments there are no improvements, if not made things worse. Along with that diagnosis came a NO BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES until it is resolved! Argh, I am lost without my burpees, push ups, pull ups. I was so excited by the new definition of my arms and how I felt all over. With 2 weeks off from these moves alone I feel like I am at square one. (A very good lesson of how these style of moves if a full body workout) This attention to a weakness I have has been very depressing, it took the wind out of my sails. Also psychologically I was doing just fine until it was actually defined as something and now I notice the pain and lack of range more then ever... I am trying to remain positive and keep going on my exercises with just more focus on legs and cardio but it is not the same.
Normal and healthy

No Bueno
 Second: I have made so many GREAT changes to my diet. I am eating from the earth, no sugar, flour or processing, eating a nutrient rich breakfast, less coffee, a lot of organic, more green tea and water, and NO CHEESE! During the weekend I allow a window of time for  myself to enjoy foods and drinks I don't during the week. This has been going strong for a month and I feel proud of my strength and will power especially as we're are transitioning into a more social season. My expectation was that I would begin to notice great things because this is the first time I have included diet changes in my effort but... NOPE!!! I don't f-ing get it! Now my struggle is to not give up, throw in the towel and hit that slippery slop of my choices won't matter...
I am remaining strong with these conclusions: What would I feel like if I wouldn't have changed?, Maybe I just need to be more patient?, Possibly I was much more out of shape then I thought?

There have also been some very tragic events and other lame stuff that have happened to the person I love so much... Kenny is a trooper and is in good spirits but I am his support system and he doesn't need to hear about my ho hums that dwarf in comparison to what he has gone through this last month!  

Now on to happier thoughts and the silver lining...
#1- I am not quitting. These new habits I have started feel good psychologically and physically! I appreciate all of the benefits this journey is have on my life, I feel more positive and that I am experiencing life's events with a better attitude. 

#2- I have AMAZING family, friends and my Kenny. All of the people that choose to share their life with me bring me joy, laughter, happiness and memories that I feel incredibly blessed and spoiled to have on a daily basis. The support they give me provides me the courage to live my life to the fullest and without fears. 

#3- I am thankful to be in this mess with a friend! Fawne and I have bonded over a lot of sweat and laughter. We have a great balancing act going, it seems like we are mostly in sync but when one of us is in a funk the other is the strength and motivation to keep it going. Fawne is going to Mexico soon and this shoulder crap is gonna need to be put on the back burner so we can have her feeling bikini sexy in a couple weeks!

As for now...
I am going to sign off. I am looking forward to Monday and having this week be productive and regenerating. I also need to spend more time here, keeping my blog up to date helps to keep me in the moment and a more regular reminder of all the things that are GREAT in my life. Thank you for being there for me! xoxo Ashlee



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How come it's so easy???

I was so excited for this update for the past week but when I sat down to write it, BAM writer's block!

Why is it so easy to be negative, focus on the wrongs or could of, would have, should have? It is a sad reality that we are so wired to notice the negative and completely ignore all the POSITIVE!

I am happy to report I have turned a corner and been rejuvenated. For the past 3 weeks I have been adjusting my eating habits for the better. I know I have mentioned this before but this time I am practicing what I preach and actually being honest with myself. Instead doing a designer diet and focusing on drastic changes that I will be unable to sustain, I am taking the knowledge I do know and educating myself on the words of advice from people (my sister, 4 Hour Body and Body Rock) I  believe in. 
A small recap of the changes I promised to make and am sticking to after coming out of my personal denial:
I began following a very basic diet that seems very strict but figured out how to feed myself by focusing on health over taste, lean protein, veggies and lentils and that was it. I learned to be creative with spices and combination. From there I realized I was adding a lot of unnecessary snacking, cheese and oils, I wasn't previously holding myself accountable for. I feel satisfied, healthy and happy. I feel strong and encouraged that I have finally gained control of my perception vs. the reality. 

They are a part of my daily life and I enjoy them more then sitting down and watching a favorite TV show or drinking a beer. If you are having a hard time getting motivated or staying motivated, these are some things that help me keep going...
#1 I have a workout partner. Even on days we don't workout together, I am so competitive that I  will workout alone to either encourage her or to rub it in her face (that's just me)
#2 Find what works for you, classes, running alone, home vs. gym, training for a event. Variety is awesome and trying enough things you are bound to find one that sticks.
#3 I love buying a new pair of shoes, workout pants, etc. when the other ones are feeling broken down.
I am getting excited to find a new bikini for this summer I have earned it! On that note...

PRAY FOR SUMMER! These "surprise" it snowed 3 feet storms are 
over rated!

 Happy 3 Month Anniversary!
Yes for anyone who is counting I am officially 29 and 1/4 and if you are reading this you probably haven't glorified or announced a 1/4 birthday since you were 5... Thankfully I am HAPPY and SATISFIED with the progress I have made and where I am headed, 3 month after beginning this journey. Thank you all for your words of encouragement! I love hearing from all of you who are following, it truly helps keep me motivated and driven. I hope I am giving you some encouragement in return! I have been slacking on any hard data or photos but I am hoping to catch up with those soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Denial is Painful...

Please excuse my lack of updates and motivation...
But I have been in a painful place called, Denial in the country of Resistance. I am about to hit my 3 month mark on my journey and I already hit a plateau, WTF!  I continue my workouts but notice I don't have the drive or the dripping of sweat I used to, my endurance grows and I feel stronger but I am not noticing a whole lot of change in my appearance. Based on the effort I am putting in I don't feel like I am being unrealistic but am I being honest???

Last Friday after a night of work and a 
DELICIOUS margarita, I got home and the frustration and disappointment set it. I reflected on my margarita and thought after all the hard work I put in am I just canceling one out for the other???

Now this is a stupid question because the answer is YES, it has always been YES, I have always known it was YES but typical me I thought I could ignore the reality...

In the last 10 years PS(post sports) I have been trying to figure out this whole health, diet and exercise thing and I have done a lot of reading. Health magazines, creepy diets, healthy diet habit, "Eat this, Not that", blah blah blah. The issue for me was easy I LOVE food and good food too so those readings did not apply to me. Unfortunately this day in age the target market for this educational material is for the "fast food nation" and those looking to lose 30+ lbs. Therefore the information falls on deaf ears: don't eat a Big Mac, eat a McChicken or cut back from three sodas to cut 600 empty calories or a routine that claims lifting 3lbs weights for 3 set will give you sexy toned arms.

None of this applies to me I don't eat fast food, junk food, fake food, whatever you want to call it plus I am not sedentary there for encouragement of minimal effort is not gonna cut it for me. What about me, where do I fit in???

That Friday night I did some real reading and real learning with less denial and resistance. I was able to reflect and acknowledge that despite not having a traditional junk food diet I needed to ADJUST mine or else I would keep spinning my wheels. I sorted out the gimmicks, sales pitches and found answers that will help ME. 
But something is missing... The discipline and commitment I have for my workouts need to be applied to my diet. 
So I am taking the first step, admitting I have a problem. Good-bye DENIAL! Next pin pointing the spots of RESISTANCE to help myself make positive changes. 

Needless to say this week has been rough my attitude has been really no bueno, I can't put all the blame on my diet because in the meantime real life is still happening too. But this journey is truly bringing me joy and is an exciting challenge, so this is just another level. So here we go, the honest truth (not just what I want to hear).

eating a quality breakfast with good sources of protein everyday
beans with 2-3 meals a day (great source of natural fiber)
eating 3-4 times a day
minimal minimal amounts of cheese and not just minimal for me
no mindless snacking or snacking while I prep a meal (super bad habit)
increasing water intake
making an effort to eat more veggies
cutting back on coffee and switched from half and half to soy creamer(1g sugar)
smaller portions 

Some of my informative literature that prevented "Giving Up"
*I have not purchased any supplements or products based on any of the reading I am trying to just pick out the information that was relevant to me. So read with yourself in mind.

I am embracing these tweaks, reductions, adjustment and efforts. In turn I felt rejuvenated in my workouts this week and was finally able to see the progress I am making but wasn't willing to see before. I am glad this happened now and not in November...

And I can't say it enough, I LOVE LOVE LOVE
It is not just about the workout but the community, the education and once you get into it, it becomes apart of your life and a day without Zuzana and Freddy feels lonely!