Weekly Greens


What have you done for your Earth today? Every little bit counts.
  • Pick up litter, it may not belong to you but at some point we've all done it
  • Sort your trash. Yes that is what you pay your garbage bill for but this is about efficiancy not getting your monies worth
  • Watch how you drive, try to keep your RPMs low and bonus better gas mileage too
  • Turn down your water heater thermostat, you'll never notice the couple degree difference
  • Vote with your money everyday, do some research on the environmental and social practices of the products you buy 
  • Use Tupperware over Ziploc baggies, cheaper, less likely to leak and they're reuseable
  • Unplug anything without an off and on switch, they continue to drain energy and your wallet when they are not in use
  • Copy and print on both sides, also use draft settings whenever possible to reduce toner use
  • Don't throw left over drinking water down the drain uses to water house plants  
  • If you are not already using canvas bags, a reusable mug and water bottle, we can't even be friends anymore.... No I am serious!  


I know going GREEN with certain things can be scary, you never know if what you purchase is going to taste like dirt and the consistency of baby food. Recently I ventured into the natural world of toothpaste. Tom's of Maine, they are an amazing company with above and beyond environmental practices. I know it seems like just toothpaste and how much difference can it make? You would be shocked to discover how many large companies that produce personal hygiene products still conducts unnecessary testing on animals and create a devastating amount of pollution and waste.
I also asked my dental hygienist about the product to to make sure my efforts to be more GREEN wouldn't leave me toothless. She said that she uses Tom's  as well. The products contain all the right ingredients for proper dental health care without all the harsh chemicals you don't need. Ms. Trish also confirmed it is more about the act of brushing and less about the paste so why introduce more additives then you need to?
So here is my personal response to my Tom's experience...
1st try,  a spearmint/peppermint Whole Care gel. It was minty fresh and left my mouth feeling clean. It is slightly different then regular brands of toothpaste but I compare it too switching for chemically laden peanut butter to the all natural stuff. Yes it is different but once you get used to it you can't imagine switching back.
2nd try, Mango Orange Whole Care, not a fan. Way too sweet and didn't give me that minty clean feeling. If I was 5 it might entice me to brush.
All in all I think I can become a Tom's girl as long as I stick to the minty stuff.
Check out there website and you instantly see why they are a company you should stand behind.

However you take you coffee, black or with cream it should ALWAYS be GREEN!!!
Purchase coffee from companies with positive environmental and social practices:
A grades: AlterEco, Cafe Humana, Thanksgiving, Green Mt, Grounds for Change, Local Coffee
B grades: Peet, Seattle's Best(B-), Starbucks(B-)
C grades: Hills Bro, MJB, Illy
D grades: Foldgers(D+), International Delights, Coffee Mate(D-), Nescafe (D-)
F grades: General Foods, Maxwell House, Nestle, Yuban
*Ratings provided by, "The Better World Shopper"
**There is an app for that**

Coffee House practices:
Bring your own ToGo cup, duh! There are so many great varieties out there you are bound to find one you like. My favorite ones are glass/ceramic with a silicone lids. They are very durable and the no funky mildew smell get absorbed into the plastic.

Don't use a stirrer. At home add your add-ins first and then you coffee for the perfect mix.
By the time you put the lid on, take a couple sips and move around it is all mixed in. It is not like a margarita when all the tequila sinks to the bottom.
138 straws are thrown away each year and this doesn't take into production and packaging waste.

Coffee date? Whether it is with a best friend, a laptop or a book, request a "for here cup". All coffee houses have them they are just under promoted, Mugs keep your drink warmer and you can feel as cool as the cast of "Friends" at Central Perk when they always got the comfy couch!!!

I won't talk about the double cup or sleeves because bringing your own mug solves that problem.



I changed up my layout because despite my mission, I have other passions and interests that do not include me being at the gym or talking about cheese! One of those things that I love and believe in is put forth the effort to be GREEN! I love the Earth and I think sharing good ideas to promote it's health is a responsibility I have because Mother Earth has always taken such good care of me... Each week I will post small tips or advice on making your lifestyle a li'l GREENER.


  1. I like the new layout and totally agree - you are multi-faceted and should include the best of you you in your blog. Good decision!

  2. Thanks Jamie!!! I didn't realize you were following me on my li'l adventures, makes me smile!

  3. Thanks to Ashlee my 2009 New years Resolution was to be more green...this little firecracker has a wealth of knowledge and tips, so helpful if you're desperately trying to be a superhero!!