Saturday, December 25, 2010

Game On

So I have survived week one in the public blogging world. My commitment is going strong, if I only knew blogging=motivation I would have been her 3 years ago. I feel excited about my goals and feel this momentum is increasing my awareness to other goals that have been lingering in my sub conscious. Those goals will be TBA later, I am trying to curb my ADD, so I am not going to start stretching myself thin here too.
So the good, fun, exciting news is I have shed my vacation, Thanksgiving, wedding festivities, birthday and Vegas weight gain. I am just about back to the weight I was before life interrupted me in November. This weight loss is the prefect example of what being committed does. I have worked out 13 of the past 16 days and I am getting into a groove. Now I am back at square 1, because when I choose my mission I was in the red.
I am very grateful for my workout buddies, weather you are at the gym with me or we're texting or iChatting, it is the strongest tool I have... With this mini community that has been created there is always some one to jump in first or push you no matter how sore and sorry you are feeling for yourself.
Another positive motivation is to be reminded that without your health you have nothing. Unfortunately some people who are very near and dear to my heart are suffering from some horrible health issues. Both of them are suffering from alignments that are genetic and/or unpreventable but the main thing that will help them recover is they were healthy when their symptoms struck. I am very blessed to have good genes but I know those are just a part of it. I have to be an active participant in my health, I want to be as strong in my mind, body and spirit so if an issue ever arises my body will be ready to fight and recover.
Merry Christmas, I pray that every one's week was as blessed as mine.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

In the beggining... A re-post

Nov. 11, 2011


The post that started it all...
So I recently celebrated my 29th birthday. It was a little scary but a awesome opportunity for me to reflect on my 20's and they have been nothing short of amazing! However I noticed I am "a li'l full of shit" not when it come to my commitments to my family, friends and work but when it comes to myself. I make commitments, goals and promises to myself that I flake on about as quickly as I made them and I have been okay with that until now! I think women are especially prone to this and I am sure you can relate... So I am choosing to make a commitment to myself but to help change my pattern I am going to put it out in public. I am asking for support from all the people I am blessed with but in return I would like to give my support on your journey too.
My incredible 20's (and teen years) are now nicely reflected when I wear a bikini, not the worst but not the best. So my mission will be to reverse, recover, and remove the evidence of all my great adventures for my body! I know most of us have spoken about our diets, exercise and motivation while drinking cocktails and eating cheese. Now don't fret by no means am I suggesting getting rid of those traditions. I just think we could all use the extra support, motivation and a sounding board. 
Hopefully this little community will encourage all of us in not only our fitness goals but wherever one of us may feel like we have been neglecting.
Obviously there are a million and one ways to pursue our ideal selves and what works for one person may not for another. I am hoping this community will become a place to give motivation, variety and support not matter what means you may be using.
I am excited about some of the resources I have and love learning what maybe working for you. So that being said lets do this, so we can be some bad ass bitches!