Body Rock Status!

101 Days In
259 Days until my 30th Birthday
70+ Workout
1134 Burpees (and counting)
1 new pair of cross training shoes
1 new pair of workout pants
3 lost stainless steel water bottles
3 weeks of nutritional upgrades
AND what does all this equal?
- 10 lbs w/o fluctuation
- .5 inches off each leg
- 2.5 inches off my waist
- 1 inch off my hips
- .75 inches off my muffin top
+ .25 inches to each bicep
TADA! In all my ups downs and round and rounds the numbers are inspirational proof that I can do it and I am well on my way!

3/2/11 400 @*!&#$% Burpees! 
This is the most BAD ASS workout I may have ever done and I only made it to 300 and it took me over an hour! Fawne threw-up at 200. Thank goodness I did this one at home because with all the crying, moaning, groaning and laughter, people at the gym would have had me committed. I would love for some of my followers to try it and let me know what you think???

3/21/11 550 Rep Fat Massacre
I have a special place in my heart for this workout, this workout marks the beginning of the end. I did this workout while on vacation in Hawaii, where my "Aha" moment happened. In the island heat I worked out on the LaNai in a sports bra. My reflection in the window was not fun to watch jiggle around as I completed this workout. I had to modify the exercises and it probably took about 45 minutes to complete. I couldn't walk for 2 day. 3 months later I was excited to do this workout again and see change. OMG I completed the workout in 28:57 min, in the mirror I could see definition in my arms and the muscles that showed during side plank made me giddy! I still had to modify some of the walking push ups, I am babying a sore shoulder. This time around I am still sore in my hammies but also in my abs. 5 STARS

Every Tuesday: PILATES 
As Zen as I get! It feel so good to be back. Body Awareness and flow like stretching and strength training amazing! Also it was a huge eye opener about how tight all the strength training is making me and in 4 small weeks I am quickly regaining my flexibility!

2/15/11 Hot Mess 
I <3 this workout, the variety kept me interested and I focused on form. In lieu of a sandbag I used a 15lbs soft bar. Pay attention to the instructions to ensure correct reps and sets.
First- 24.05 min
Second- 23.39 min * the time improvement is a statement to my increasing endurance!
Hit the treadmill for 10 min.

1/26/11 Bikini Beach
The note I wrote down was, "Holy Hell Dripping Sweat".

1/16/11 Hot Curves and Swimming in Sweat
Jenna was my workout partner today... Hot Curves was a great workout but Swimming in Sweat made it look like child's play. 155 Burpees, intervaled with a 17 lbs sandbag swings and no rest. We earned our weekend at that point!