Saturday, April 30, 2011

They're Back...

That's right my strength and definition in my arms are back, well getting there!
They became a great motivation, as I started working on my fitness my arms were the first to respond to my efforts. It was fun to watch them grow and take shape but then after my 2 week break from my shoulder "thing" they deflated and so did my attitude (see previous post). After a solid week back in the gym and revisiting some of the first Body Rock workouts that started this love affair I feel rejuvenated and my arms responded to the efforts. I am again sore and proud!

The next session of Pilates started again and I am excited. It is a honest gauge to not just my fitness but what is going on that day. It is so interesting how the poses at every level test your strength and endurance but a pose that your felt sturdy in last week at the highest level, becomes a physical challenge at level one the next week. Once a week for an hour I get to have a silent conversation with my body and it lets me know what it needs. If you have never taken a Pilates class I encourage you to add some into you routine but find a teacher that comes with good word of mouth or it won't be as valuable.

ALSO I have decided to stop right there because the past two weeks have been good and I don't want to spend anymore time focusing on the mishaps, misfortunes or stressors!


*Sorry I have no new photos, I have misplaced or lost my camera*


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