Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Wagon AKA the Fun Train

What is worse then falling off the wagon??? Never getting on the metaphorical wagon to begin with. I wouldn't say I fell off the wagon, maybe just took too long at the rest stop and now I have to catch back up!
I might be being a little dramatic but it is a nice change. In history my wild weekends would interfere with my workouts and slowly carry over into my weeks. Once I was out of balance in work vs. play it would be months before I could get back into a routine, this always felt like square one because all momentum and progress was lost. This time it is different...

My week was going really great workout wise, I feel my strength and endurance growing in leaps and bounds. Also my mentality is enjoying the routine and I am noticing positive changes in my mood, personal relationships and being attentive to other areas or goals I previously ignored.

The best part of my week was knowing two of my favorite people were coming to visit, Jenna and Sam! They are my original roommates from my first year in Santa Barbara. Sam set-up a Tahoe Birthday Bash and it was going to be a party!!!
Jenna's Rehearsal Dinner, Sam and I are getting the "I love you" speeches!

It seems appropriate that these are my BFs from college because that this was a throw back weekend full of flip cup, beer pong, PBR and I closed it with a reggae concert with 2 SB bands, including Iration our old neighbors!!! However this being the year I am committing to non-binging I controlled myself, despite the mild temptation I successfully escaped without chugging any beer...

I introduced Jenna to my new personal trainer, Zuzana, Body Rockin Queen! Jenna and I are built very similar except she is few inches taller but more importantly we a very similar when it comes to our fitness and diet habits...  As a matter of fact I stole a quote from Sam's maid of honor speech about Jenna to describe my blog! To give Jenna the credit she deserves she is smoking hot while being a wife, a nurse, oh and did I forget to mention she it a mother of the raddest 2 year old I know!

It was awesome to workout together side by side again... Maybe not the traditional get together for friends you don't see all the time but it suits us. We are also very competitive in nature, our Pictionary team lost the night before and we had to excuse ourselves from the group to disguise our disappointment. In college Jenna and I would hit the gym together and race on the elliptical, so it brought back fond memories. Jenna is very strong and has a great variety in her workouts which also includes working out with a trainer 2 days a week. It is easy to over estimate how hard you think you are working out but having Jenna there gave my a great gauge of the progress I am making. Ironically the workout we picked for the day was by far one of the most challenging ones I have done yet, Swimming in Sweat. Our competitive nature pushed us through our 155 burpees, why laugh, cried, complained and both questioned if this workout was possible... Well it was and we were both felt a sense of accomplishment.

Beyond our workout there were many great conversations that happened during our visit and more partying. We spent some time getting to know Sam's new friends from SF and they had a lot of great energy that filled their "grand ski cabin" during the weekend. Our friend Nikki from Santa Barbara also joined the party. Nikki recently lost her father to cancer and it was so nice to see her smile and laugh which I hope help her heal...

For the most part I will not complain or feel sorry for myself that I rested/recovered on Sunday and Monday but more embrace the fact that my new commitments still allow me to enjoy my life but also enjoy my personal goals... I was back in action today and it did feel like I was starting a car on a very cold night but once there was momentum I felt right back up to speed.

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