Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wanna Cry... Tears of Joy

I am trying to be a more proactive blogger, can you tell??? Any who this week has been good I am coming out of my blah. I have been trying to focus on all the positives though, I got to spend time with two of my favorite girls yesterday Jenn and Whitney. For everyone that knows Jenn she is recovering from her surgery and is happy to have answers to her health issues and is moving on from her thyroid cancer. Yes people CANCER at 27 years old. Let her be a role model to you all, if something doesn't feel right be your own advocate. For 5 years Jenn has not been healthy and the doctors never had an answer for her.  She begins her radioactive iodine treatment soon, so if you see her be sure to stay 5 feet away :) I love Jen and Whitney, they are both so lively and fun to be around. Sometimes is is healthy to escape the Lakeshow...
     Me helping Whit with a dress malfunction!

      Jenn and I at a li'l baseball game pre-party!

So yesterday I missed my workout but I think my girl time was equally therapeutic. Yesterday's Burpee Madness will not go unnoticed! We are adding on to the back end of today's work out that our new trainer named, "Harder Then Ever Workout"... I think this will be the most painful lesson to not skip workouts!!! I am still feeling fatigued in my legs and arms from Cherry Boom and Psycho Sit-UPs.

Well I will let you know how it goes tonight or not if I don't survive it...

Other POSITIVE notes: Ray is recovering nicely from his ankle fusion surgery and is being a good sport even after the morphine wore off.
Debi's niece was finally born!!! After a scare with her breathing is now home safe and sound.
Kenny loves his new job.
He traded a shirt and tie with this view,  

To driving a snowmobile to rescue injured skiers, oh an lets not for get the view!

It is pretty easy to talk yourself out of a funk when you have so many blessing to account for, including the physical ability to do the workouts that make me wanna cry!

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