Friday, February 18, 2011

All this White Stuff...

No I am not going to talk about white flour, white bread 
or the middle of an Oreo... 
The snow is snowing on top of the snow!
This was my front yard... Yes this is shovel zone but FYI I am 5'5"

I have been pretty much snowed in since Tuesday. Normally I would begin to go stir crazy but I am loving this. When the snow falls at this rate and quantity it creates the most tranquil silence and amazing glow at night. 

So being stuck inside in front of the fire has stoked my inner fire and the fire under my ass. After last weeks low, creative slump, writers block, confectionery stupper, I am back...
I reflected on times when I succeeded at a "diet" and the mind frame I would evoke to get through it. I decided my diet only need minimal  tweaks. I mentioned before that I am not a morning person and I am able to see how it is not just about needing more sleep, I am missing breakfast... I live on 2 cups of coffee for 2-4 hours before I eat. So on to my point, I have been eating breakfast. Wow what a difference also I have been waking up during 6am, 7am and 5am with Kenny.

While being snowed in I ventured to make homemade black beans. Legumes are full of protein and fiber, SUPER FOOD! The ones that come in the can are loaded with sodium, no bueno! Well they turned out great. My breakfast this week has been delicious and keeping me going plus I feel less need to binge, snack or stray during the day. 
Breakfast: 1-3 eggs any style, mixed greens with spinach, black beans, cilantro, tomatoes, squeeze of lemon, a dash of spike.
 Workout: yada yada, no biggie, keeping up and pushing myself hard, still Body Rocking
 However the workout of the week is....

Snow Boarding in waist deep powder!!!
I loved every freaking moment of it, the trees, the snow, the thrill, the falls! It was the perfect therapy for winter blues.

Also I have to say the best improvement of this winter compared to last is my new Snow Blower, the Kenny 3000! xoxo


  1. My snow blower just got a new snowblower so I've barely had to touch a shovel. It's awesome!

  2. Love it Ashley! This makes me miss home like mad! Keep it up, girl.