Thursday, February 24, 2011

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Nothing Blue!

The past two weeks I have add a couple new tweaks to my routine... Variety is the spice of life!

Old: Two years ago I took my very first Pilates class. I LOVE Pilates, the blend of strength training and fluid stretching is my recipe for a well rounded routine. I had taken some time off from Pilates and I was so grateful to find out my favorite teacher, Gina De Loia is offering an evening class. I am so excited to reincorporate Pilates back into my routine.

New: BREAKFAST! In an effort to start my day off right I am committing to eating within 30 minutes of waking up. Most days I don't have the time to prepare much. I attempt to start my day off with a serving of protein to get me started. When I have not a minute to spare I make sure to eat a serving of cottage cheese. It may not be balanced but it is something.

I don't wanna look like this guy

Another new diet tweak is my cheese intake. In reality I was eating cheese in every meal and as snacks through out the day. I should be a Packers fan!!! I have made the change and so far it is not painful. I am leaving cheese out of the meals I make and no longer snacking on it. I am hoping this will help my efforts...
PS cottage cheese doesn't count.

Borrowed: I recently purchased a book called the 4 Hour Body. The author has put a lot of research behind testing non-traditional methods of diet and exercises. In the diet portion of the book he introduces a strict diet for 6 days and the 7th day is a binging free for all. I can't bring myself to do this freakish diet but he brought up some valid points about food digestion and more efficient ways to digest foods that should be a part of your regular diet. Long story sort he suggests 120 seconds of exercise pre and post cupcake. I have began squeezing in 40 squats prior to eating something I shouldn't and after. Also if I am out and about drinking and eating less then desirable treats, while on a bathroom break I will also do 40 squats. I laugh a little to myself when I am squatting but 2 things, first it makes me stop and think do I really want this x and don't feel like I am sabotaging my efforts.
*Side note; I can't stand this book. The information is very hard to retain or even receive because the author's talent as a writer is that of an attention starved frat boy turned scientist.


  1. as I sit and sip my tea and eat my toast with nutella (which has become my nightly routine) I think ugh nutella is my's love hate!! At the end of this jar I'm resolving to not keep it in the house for 2 months! PS I'm sorry I introduced you to the frat boy but I'm so glad I have someone else to talk about thermodynamics and weight loss with (I'm so cold these days).

  2. Chocolate is definitely your cheese!!! I am just trying small changes to change my awareness of what I mindlessly feed myself... Ugh he is so irritating, he needed a co-author to curd his lame attempt to be witty but thermodynamics are RAD ;)

  3. Great idea ashley! I will have to start doing the squats as well!
    I've been attempting to do the RAW FOOD diet but haven't fully committed yet. I will be on vacation for 10 days to see my family next week but when I get back I'm going all the way! Love reading your blog! Muah!

  4. Nice blog!
    Another thing I didn't mention that helped was keeping a log for my cheat day. Every time I had a craving for something, which were weird at first (flavors were coming up that I hadn't had since childhood), I would jot it down on my cheat day log. Then on my cheat day I would have it whether I still wanted it or not.

    I constantly remind myself that I am fueling my body to get the results I want, instead of thinking of food as pleasurable way of life and "treating myself because I only live once". Just today I was given a free desert at the end of my meal. It was difficult not to touch it, but I just thought, I'll have it on my cheat day, in a couple of days. What ends up happening is you REALLY enjoy that whatever-it-is, because you don't have it all the time. It's That much more enjoyable.

    Good luck on your journey! You can do it!!!