Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Thoughts...

I just got really excited for my coffee in the morning!!! However I won't be excited to wake up in the AM because I never am. I blame my lack of being a morning person on my mother, way back when and she signed me up for afternoon kindergarten... Thank you mom for the amazing ability to sleep in!
Plus I have found a new great joy... Previously it was my adorable ToGo mug from World Market they look just like a paper cup from any coffee shop but are ceramic with a silicone lid, adorable. Now I love drinking my coffee at home, I feel less rushed and it seems like my last sip is more satisfying. Unfortunately I have a addition to my coffee routine, popping the cream or milk into the microwave for 50 secs. all warm and frothy! I only say unfortunately because the whole not a morning person thing, every additional step cuts into my sleep :) Thanks Elysa for sharing your coffee secrets!


  1. are so funny. I think it started when you and your sister were newborns. I would feed you at 7 pm and then I hoped to get you into a schedule that you would awake around 11 pm. You would get your great, late feeding and all swaddled for beautiful dreams until 6 or 7 am, it was heaven. So see, you came into this world being an early riser. We just don't go to bed early! Look at us still. On our computers at 11:45 pm!

    Good Night and Sweet Dreams Little Girl!

    I Love You! Mom

  2. Your Welcome Ash, glad you enjoy it, as do I! Actually you can thank my mom:) I feel the same exact way about the mornings!