Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week in the Knees!

My life is so full of blessings I am not sure where to start...
***Holly and I walking the shores of South Lake***

I have had such an amazing week and a half. I consider myself a happy person who can find the positive, I don't complain much and I can normally be found in the center of attention (LOL) but this mission I am on seems to keep my head in a great place. I feel my commitment to taking better care of myself and keeping myself on a more regimented schedule I am actually enjoying every day more then I thought I could.
I had a week of some butt kicking workouts! Along with the Body Rock workout the cardio has returned! Again it was a great surprise how much endurance I have built and it is not as mentally challenging as it used to be. Spending time on the treadmill feels really good and has been a nice addition to the strength training. One thing I have noticed is exercise within you limits. I have played sports since I was four years old and my joints have some major wear and tear, so word to the wise don't try to get completely parallel in a one legged squat... Despite my need to be competitive I have to listen to my body and a blown knee would really derail my mission! So push yourself but don't over do it...

Previously I would fluctuate a good 10-15lbs. within any given week. It is pretty freaking amazing how you can squeeze 10 extra pounds into your clothes and they still button, snap and zip. My zippers musty have been working hard!!! My jeans go on with out the stretch out dance, my T-shirts cover my muffin without having to layer up with a longer tank... Oh wait did I say muffin, I think this week I have a waist. I no longer have to check every angle in the mirror to make sure I don't have that dreaded dent! I think Fawne said it best last week as we were prepping for our workout, "I feel really good and can feel myself getting stronger, I know we still have work to do but what the hell was I thinking before? How did I think this was okay?" AMEN sister, how do we ignore our needs, our health and our waist line for such long periods of time and we think it is okay! Those day are gone, yes the physical benefits are awesome but the over flow into other parts of my life are as good as hours with a therapist.
The workouts have been a great stress relief and allow me to clear my head each day, as a teen alcohol and drug counselor, this is priceless. Each day I wake up feeling calm and rested. When I get to work, I can focus on the client I am with and stay present for them.

***Baby Drew the day he was born, 5 months ago***

In my personal life I keep my eyes open and my mind aware of how truly blessed I am for the special people I have in my life. Kenny and I had an awesome first date with our dear friends Corrie and Brian. Yes I say first date because it is the first time we dined together in dinner party style with the Aggers. This day I decided to skip my workout but got in plenty of biceps curls bouncing, snuggling and peek-a-booing with the most adorable 15 lbs. of joy, Corrie and Brian's baby, Drew! I just love him :)

Then I closed out the week with a fabulous event! A Wine Walk that included 4 houses with delicious treats and of course wine. It was a big success each house was visited for about 2 hours and the progression was themed like a meal... The crowd of people was great and well rounded, including my favorite Skagg Heather!!! Heather moved from Tahoe 2 1/2 years ago now and I miss her dearly but truly enjoy any time I get to spend with her. As far as I can tell there weren't too many casualties and I won't name names... With all my workout efforts not eating like it is my last meal is becoming effortless. I had a great time at the Wine Walk but didn't not feel like a stuffed myself costing me my workouts for the week. I included a couple photos to prove I am not a gym rat and actually have a life!

Closed the week out with some George Clinton funk and my first day snowboarding in 2 years! Wow what was i thinking I really miss being on the mountain???

***My sis and me. Can you tell we're related?***

***Grilled Cheese Bar. Delicious!***

***First Day on the Mountain in 2 Years!***


  1. Ashlee... I am so excited for you, my beautiful daughter, who has discovered a new found happiness in her journey.

    Each new entry in your blog, brings me a bigger smile and an added warmth in my heart. A period in your child's life, that is like frosting on the cake. There are many of these in a life time, this just happens to be extra special. I am so enjoying sharing this transition with you!

    I Love You and Thank you!
    P.S. Keep embracing these times with your new enthusiasm!

  2. I feel like a celebrity! Thanks Skagg!I Love you and I am so proud of you working towards your goal! xoxo

  3. Thank you for the LOVE and SUPPORT!!! I am enjoying my blogging journey and I appreciate everyone coming with me :)