Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Pattern of Monday

All is going well in my journey but I am beginning to notice a pattern that is slowing down my progress! It name is Monday. But Monday's energy is the victim of Mr. Weekend!

Yup my weekends are catching up with me and two Monday's in a row I am feeling like a li'l slug! Instead of getting discouraged or trowing in the towel I am using this example as a time to reflect. Ashlee pre29 would allow my sluggish mood, attitude, energy and feeling like crap cause me to retreat. Now my weekend behaviors include a Saturday workout,  it feels good kinda earning back a li'l more of the damage I will do...
This week in particular the sluggish feeling hung around all week... I didn't allow myself to be talked out of it or make excuses to not participate. I worked out everyday! Even during my Burpee Fusion workout, i took me 2 hours to talk myself into it and a text from Erin talking about her workout plan was what I needed... I talked, sang, used reps counting mind tricks to get myself through the it! Funny thing was my last 20 burpees were the easiest. I was a sweaty drooling running nose mess but I was a PROUD mess, 155 burpees will do that to a person... Also my form is getting impressive and I shaved more then a minute of my time!

Thanks for listening! I have a ton of blog posts running through my head right now, so stay tuned they will be good :)

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